Type of Inquiries

Tax Identification Number (TIN) registration related questions : edaftar@hasil.gov.my

Stamp duty related questions : stamps@hasil.gov.my

Tax agent e-Filing related questions : taef@hasil.gov.my

Tax estimation related questions (CP204/ CP204A/ CP204B) : anggarancukai@hasil.gov.my

e-CKHT related questions : eckht@hasil.gov.my

Tax Identification Number (TIN) registration specifically for Withholding Tax purposes : HELPPENDAFTARANNR@hasil.gov.my

Payment Verification and Receipt application for Withholding Tax payment via eTT : helpTTpayment@hasil.gov.my

Inquiries on application for Certificate of Residence : cor@hasil.gov.my

Amendment for Employer Return Form or CP8D : pindaanE&CP8D@hasil.gov.my

Withholding Contract Number Application related questions : HelpContractNo@hasil.gov.my

Submission of Form CP107D and Appendix CP107D for payment of 2% tax deduction on agents, dealers and distributors under Section 107D of the Income Tax Act 1967

e-Invois related questions : myinvois@hasil.gov.my

Tax compliance certificate (TCC) related questions : tcc@hasil.gov.my

Transfer pricing related questions : transferpricing@hasil.gov.my

reservation for tax education talks : taxeducation@hasil.gov.my

Career opportunities and internship programmes : kerjaya@hasil.gov.my