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LHDNM has improved the interface for e-BE (Year of Assessment 2020), which can be accessed using computers and smart devices. The change in interface is done to replace the m-Filing (m-BE) services.

Resident Individuals who do not carry on businesses can submit their e-BE (Year of Assessment 2022) via MyTax. The e-Filing system will be opened from 1st March 2023 and the submission deadline for e-BE (YA 2022) is on the 30th April 2023.

Your income tax refund will be done through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to your bank account. Kindly state the valid and correct and account number of your bank.

IRBM has provided an online facility e-Lejar to allow you to check your own tax payment account at anytime and anywhere.

Company directors have a responsibility to pay the outstanding tax balance of their company. They will be restricted from travelling by a stoppage order (Sec.104) if they fail to pay the outstanding tax liability.

Income tax is tax imposed on income from employment, business, dividends, rents, royalties, pensions, and other income received by individuals, companies, cooperatives, associations, and others in a year.

The IRBM has provided various payment channels via electronic / ByrHASiL with appointed banks. Kindly visit our website for more information.

The CP38 notification is issued to the employer as supplementary instructions to clear the balance of tax liability of employees over and above the Monthly Tax Deductions (MTD)

30th June 2023 is the final date for submission of Form B Year Assessment 2022 and the payment of income tax for individuals who earn business income.

Paying income tax due accordingly may avoiding you from being charged tax increase, court action and also stoppage from leaving Malaysia.

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