Stoppage Order

Stoppage order status can be viewed via Immigration Official Portal at Immigration Travel Status Check

Emergency Contact : Customer Care Officer: Customer Care Officer | Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia

Tax Payment

  1. ByrHasil or Mode of Payment | Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia
    Please fill up the following details:
    1. Income tax number / company registration number for companies or new identification card number / passport number for individuals.
    2. Payment Code and Type, Select 084/095 (Income Tax Payment) or 090 (Real Property Gains Tax Payment)
    3. Year of Assessment
    4. Number of Instalment: 99

  1. Full payment as stated in the certificate by cash basis or online via
  2. If a taxpayer is unable to pay in full, a temporary release can be applied with the following conditions:
    1. The taxpayer / representative may walk in / Contact HASiL Office that handles the taxpayer’s file.
    2. Submitting an application letter that include the destination information, purpose, and the duration of visit.
    3. Make a payment 50% of outstanding tax amount. Refer methods of payment as above.
    4. Temporary release letter will be issued by specifying the period of temporary stoppage granted.
  3. Receipt of payment and application to be submitted 5 days before the travelling date.
  4. Customer Care Officer