LHDNM eProcurement System (LHDNM eP System) is an electronic procurement system that enables suppliers to offer works, supplies and services to LHDNM online (i.e. via internet). It includes procurement offerings via tender, quotation and direct purchase to be issued by LHDNM.

The LHDNM eP System uses the Tender Wizard platform as the service provider. The online services offered through LHDNM eP System include

1. Supplier Registration and Payments.
2. Tender/Quotations Document Purchase and Payments.
3. Tender/Quotations Offering Process and Submission.
4. Email Notification to Registered email (i.e. for tender/quotation notice of offering, opening, awarding, etc.).

In the early implementation stages of LHDNM eP System, the notice of offer for any tender/quotation will clearly indicate the procurement method to be used either through the LHDNM eP System or the existing manual process.

Supplier may from time to time check on any LHDNM tender/quotation notice of offer, announcement and corrigendum, opening, and awarding via this link.

All Supplier must be registered with LHDNM eP system to enable suppliers to participate in any LHDNM tender / quotation offer and to utilize other relevant online services.

The supplier must ensure that the information provided is complete and accurate; together with the relevant supporting documents to ensure the accuracy of the information. LHDNM reserves the right to disable any registered suppliers if the information provided is found to be invalid and inaccurate.

Each registration is valid for a period of one year from the registration date and renewal of registration is to be performed annually. Applicable service fee shall apply to services provided by the service provider.

Supplier may obtain the required procurement document for the tender and quotation offer online via LHDNM eP System. The price of the document is based on the provision stated in the Tender/Quotation Notice of Offer.

Successful bidder who accepted the procurement offer through LHDNM eP System, will be subject to an applicable service fee based on the offer value; subject to a maximum rate and limit defined by LHDNM. This applicable service fee applies to services provided; charged by the service provider.

Supplier who has been registered through the LHDNM eP System will receive notice offering, opening and awarding of tender/quotation via their registered e-mail.
For suppliers who have not yet registered, the tender/quotation notice of offer can also be viewed through the official LHDNM website.

Any enquery regarding IRBM eP System can be submitted to the e-mail

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