When will i receive my current year's tax refund?


If manual form or e-Filing submission is on or before the deadline, the refund will be processed within:

  • 30 working days from the date of submission via e-Filing.
  • 90 working days from the date of manual submission.

Do i need to submit a refund application if i have submitted the income tax return form (ITRF) before the deadline and am eligible to claim a refund?


No, as the refund will be processed within 30 working days after the submission via e-Filing or 90 working days if submission via manual or hand delivery.

Why have i not received a refund within the period as stated in the IRBM client's charter?


IRBM is in the midst of auditing the Income Tax Return Form submitted, hence the delay. However, you are advised to contact the LHDNM Office that handles your file or HASiL Contact Centre 03-8911 1000 for more information.

Do i need to submit my dividend voucher to IRBM if i am eligible for a refund (dividend)?


No, unless requested by IRBM.

I am requesting a refund by EFT. Will a refund notification be sent to me?


Yes. An email notification / EFT Refund Notification Letter (CP550e) will be sent to you regarding your refund information.

I have been issued CP500 tax instalment payment schedule and each instalment has different bill number. Can I make all payments at once through ByrHasil?


Yes. Taxpayers can choose the bill number to be paid in one go in the e-Billing system. A new bill number will be automatically generated so that taxpayer can proceed with the selected payment and make the payment through ByrHasil.

Additional Info:

This procedure also applies to CP204 payments.

I have made a payment through ByrHasil. However, I chose the wrong bill number when making the payment.

Can the payment be transferred to the correct bill number?


Yes. Taxpayer may walk-in to the nearest IRBM counter for further action.

For classification purpose, please refer to the LHDNM Official Portal, http://www.hasil.gov.my > Quick Links > FAQs MCO 3.0 – National Recovery Plan & Economic Stimulus Package > Frequently Ask Question On Contribution / Donation.
Refer to the link: https://phl.hasil.gov.my/pdf/pdfam/FAQ_1_Sumbangan_Derma.pdf

My bank transaction limit is insufficient to make the tax payment. Can I pay the same bill number multiple times through ByrHasil?


Yes, taxpayers can make multiple payments until the payment is complete. If the payment has been completed, the bill number will not be displayed on e-Billing.

When will the information for payment made through ByrHasil?


Information regarding payments made through ByrHasil  will be updated in MyTax system as follows :

  1. FPX payment using an identification number:

Payment information will be updated within 7 working days after payment is successfully made.

  1. FPX payment using bill number:

Payment information will be updated according to the actual time the payment is successfully made.

I have made a payment through ByrHasil via e-Billing system.

How can I check the transaction records?


Taxpayers may check transaction records by following these steps:

Log in to MyTax di https://MyTax.hasil.gov.my/ > Click ezHasil Services > Click e-Billing > Click Transaction Record

I did not receive an any notification e-mel once payment made via Byrhasil is successful. How do i get my payment receipt?


IRBM does not issue payment receipts for all tax payment transactions through e-payment facilities and bank counters.

Taxpayer or tax representative must ensure that bank confirmation slips are kept well. These will be treated as payment receipt / proof of payment.

However, if the individual or company has e-Filing ID, online payment receipt can be printed via MyTax:

Login to MyTax https://MyTax.hasil.gov.my/ > Click the MyTax Status icon (This icon is at the top right of the display)

Click Ledger

I have submitted e-BE 2022 on 1st of March 2023. However, I have key in the wrong amount for my income. How can I make the amendment of e-BE for this?


Kindly send an appeal letter (stating the mistakes made), supporting documents and manual re-calculation to IRBM that handles your tax file. However, if the amendment includes under declared of income or over declared of reliefs which may results in additional tax, you need to fill in the BE/B Amended Return Form (ARF). The completed ARF must be submitted to the IRBM office that handles your income tax file.

I have made an Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) deduction for an employee. Can the EIS deduction be included in the Statement of Remuneration (EA Form)?


Yes, the Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) can be included in the EA Form.

The amount of EIS deductions can be entered on Part E of EA Form.

I want to reset the e-Data PCB / e-PCB and e-CP39 password but the registered email is inactive.


e-Data PCB/ e-PCB

Employers can submit an application letter signed by the director (Using company letterhead) to update the email registered in the e-Data PCB / e-PCB system at this link https://maklumbalaspelanggan.hasil.gov.my/Public > EzHasil/MyTax Enquiry > click next to submit the application letter.


e-CP39 registration is based on email. If the email has been inactive, it is necessary to register a new ID for the e-CP39 system. Please click this link https://ecp39.hasil.gov.my/login

to make a new application.

If the employer has submitted C.P.8D through e-Data Praisi, is it necessary to submit Form C.P.8D together with Form E?

Answer :

Form E will only be considered complete if C.P.8D is submitted on or before 31 March 2023.

Employers who have submitted information via e-Data Praisi/e-CP8D before 25 February 2023 are no longer required to complete and furnish Form C.P.8D via Form E

Do employers consisting Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Hindu Joint Family and Deceased Person’s Estate who do not have employees need to submit Form C.P.8D?

Answer :

Employers which are Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Hindu Joint Family and Deceased Person’s Estate who do not have employees are exempted from submitting Form C.P.8D.

Is SST / digital tax which is charged in invoice subject to WHT?


SST (Malaysia Customs) amount is not included as gross amount in computing WHT.


Invoice Details

Facebook Ads                         RM 30.97

SST 6%                                   RM   1.86

Total Payment                         RM 32.83

WHT Computation

Gross Amount                         RM 30.97

WHT 10%                                RM  3.09

How do I pay the Withholding tax?


There are four (4) payment methods, namely:-

  1. Online using Virtual Account (VA) No:
      • Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
      • Interbank Transfer Giro (IBG)
      • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

    Online using Bill No generated through MyTAX_eWHT:

      • FPX Bill No
      • Selected Internet Banking

    Important Info:

      • Payment made via online must use VA account number. Kindly visit https://ett.hasil.gov.my to get VA account number.
      • This online payment method does not apply to withholding tax payment under Section 107D of the Income Tax Act 1967.


  2. Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

    Payment made via ATM must use Virtual Account Number (VA). Kindly visit https://ett.hasil.gov.my to get VA account number.


  3. LHDNM Payment Counter:
    Peninsular Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Payment Center,
    Payment Counter
    Ground Floor, Block 8a
    Kompleks Bangunan Kerajaan
    Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim
    50600 Kuala Lumpur

I have generated VA number to pay tax through e-TT, can I use the number to pay in cheque or cash?


Tax Payment using VA number from e-TT system can be performed through IBG or Internet banking (TT).

Payment in cheque or cash are not allowed.

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