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Monday to Friday
9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m

General Services Lines
Hasil Care Line
  • 03-8911 1000

  • 603-8911 1100 (Overseas)
Quick Reference Lines

Salary Group (No business income)

  • 03-8911 1200

Business Group (Self employed / Partnership)

  • 03-8911 1300


  • 03-8911 1400

Company / Co-operative Society / Employer

  • 03-8911 1000

Bantuan Khas Kerajaan /
Sumbangan Tunai Rahmah

  • 1800-88-2747

If you face difficulties contacting our Hasil Care Line during peak hours, please contact the nearest HASiL Office for assistance.

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Line Service Payment of Income Tax

03-8751 1000

HRCC is medium provided by the IRBM to handle all questions regarding payment of taxes and stoppage order imposed on taxpayers. The call centre provides friendly service by Recovery Tax Consultant (TRC) regarding the method of payment of personal income tax, company, monthly tax deduction (PCB) as well as payments for stoppage order.

Checking the status of Stoppage Order can be made by accessing: