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Kindly be informed that the CRS Reports which include data from January to December are due annually and should be submitted to IRBM by 30 June the following year.

MYFIs are requested to make the necessary arrangement to enable them to prepare the CRS report and submit to IRBM within the stipulated time provided through the HiDEF Portal.

The 2022 CRS submission timelines are as follows:







The registration portal is open. FIs who registers after the submission deadline will be considered as late registration and upon submission will be subjected to a penalty.

Open at all times


Testing Testing Environment

Kindly use the same MYCRSID in this testing platform. Users may set a different password in your testing environment.

Please ensure your test files do not contain any production data.


SubmissionProduction Environment *New!

Kindly refer to our latest User Guide for the Preparation and Encryption of Files for Transmission Through the HASiL International Data Exchange Facility (HiDEF) which is accessible after you have logged-in to the Portal.

20 January 2022

30 June 2022

*using the new CRS XML Schema Version 2.0 in our HiDEF Platform

Kindly verify that your digital certificate is still valid and has not expired. Please ensure that the correct IRBM Public Key is used when you encrypt your AES key for the testing or production environment.

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