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Utama / Common Reporting Standard(CRS) What FI need to know...
Common Reporting Standard (CRS) What FI need to know...
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1. Certification

1.1 FI must use Certificate bought from authorised Certificate Authority (item 2.1 / 2.2 of the link) or any Certificate Authority.


1.2 FI which already bought Certificate use for FATCA can also use for CRS. However, FI must aware of the security consequences.


1.3 FI need to upload certificate (public key) after registration process if FI intend to submit CRS data packet.

From the uploaded public key, HiDEF will check the issuer and the validity date of the certificate. HiDEF will reject if the certificate is a self-sign certificate.

The Public key can also trigger to data packet is tampered during transmission.

2. Authorization Letter

2.1 For verification purposes, MYFIs are required to email the authorization letter to crs@hasil.gov.my within 7 days once successfully registered.
Just for your information with regards to the authorisation letter. The authorisation letter should use the MYFIs letter head and consists of these information:

i. Authorised Person's Name and Identification Number;
ii. Authorised Person's Position/Designation;
iii. Authorised Person's Department;
iv. Authorised Person's Corporate Email Address for CRS Reporting;
v. Authorised Person's Contact No:

The authorisation letter should be addressed to:

Sample letter template CRS registration : http://www.hasil.gov.my/pdf/pdfam/CRS_Registration_Authorization_Letter_Template.pdf


3. Emails

3.1 There are two emails that FI needs to fill in during registration process:

a) Group email - IRBM suggest the group email is to use the crs_xxxxx@abc.com.my format where xxxxx is made up of 5 unique alphanumeric characters.

b) Authorised Person email - this email is used to receive the security code and CRS ID during the registration process. This email is also used for recovery process if the user forgets password.

There is another email placed in metadata xml . Generally all alerts about transmission files will be sent to this email. However if the system finds this email is empty, group email (a) that was entered during the registration process will be used.


3.2 Please use corporate email for all three emails for item 3.1 above. HiDEF system will reject if using gmail email, yahoo...


4. Authorised Person

4.1 The requirement to appoint an authorised person is to perform the CRS registration in HiDEF portal.
Thus, MYFI need to appoint it's authorised person who should be at least of a senior position. This authorised person will be responsible:
The authorised person of the Financial Institution should be a senior official and will be responsible:

    • to carry the duty of submitting the CRS Report
    • to receive email notifications during registration process
    • to act as a liaison between IRBM and the FI

4.2 In case of forgotten password only authorised person email will receive a temporary password


4.3 On successful registration, authorised person will receive email and crs-id. IRBM will not sent any letter to FI. FI needs to print the email (and secure to save place) and remember the password.

5. Registration Process

5.1 Visit a portal https://hidef-support.hasil.gov.my/main.php There are 4 sections involved in the registration process. The sections are General Information, Address Information, Authorised Person and Password.

In the registration process MyFI should receive 2 emails through authorised email person. The first email is the Security Registration Number and the second is the registration process info that has been successful.

Please make sure authorized person email can receive email.
MyFI also needs to choose and enter the password during the registration process.

MyFI needs to send the Authorised Person's Authorisation Letter via email address crs@hasil.gov.my for verification and approval purposes. Sample Authorisation letter, http://www.hasil.gov.my/pdf/pdfam/CRS_Registration_Authorization_Letter_Template.pdf

After the IRBM is satisfied with the authorisation letter an email will be sent to the MyFI stating the MyCRSID number. Now the registration process has been completed.

MyFI can login using MYCRSID and the password that was entered during the registration process to upload Public key or to report a NIL return for that year.
Through the Profile icon MyFI can also change address information and information about authorized person.

CRS Registration and Login user manual


6. New Public key for CRS and CBC

6.1 We have changed the public key for filing files under CRS and CBC(testing Enviroment). FIs that have downloaded the relevant keys need to re-downloaded and repackage the file again.


7. Sample Signed CRS Transmission file

MyCRSID CRS Payload Signed


8. CRS Test Window

The CRS Hasil International Data Exchange Facility (HiDEF) submission opens for testing from:

Monday, 1st April 2019 at 1:00 PM to Friday, 28 June 2019 at 5:00 PM

The FIs that have completed their registration before 1st April 2019 can participate the CRS testing from 1st April 2019. The FIs that have completed the CRS Registration during the CRS testing period could also participate on the following day.

To participate in the testing, FIs need to login to the CRS Test Window at https://hidef-dataexchangetest.hasil.gov.my
Kindly upload the public key once again using this testing url.

Suggestion test case scenario:

Submit a transmission file with Test Data.

FIs should receive an email alert from HiDEF for any errors. Kindly correct the file and resend it once again.

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